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Dear Valued Suprema Partners

This document is to inform customers who are using the ‘Entry Upgrade Tool’ to upgrade their tool to the latest version.

Suprema has recently released a new version of the Entry Upgrade Tool version 1.1.7. This version was developed to resolve the internal issue where the tool upgrades the devices to have a random number to be set that will be used to indicate the index of the event log.

This may cause such symptoms as the log being displayed on the ‘Real-time monitoring’ menu, but not being stored inside the ‘Event Log’ menu which means the event logs are not getting stored to the database. Also, it can cause an abnormal growth of binary files generated from the DBMS. This can be confirmed if there massive number of files with the total size is over hundreds of giga bytes within the directory below.

\BioStar 2\ta\mariadb-10.1.10-winx64\data

Since this may affect your system, we strongly recommend to uninstall all old tools, versions 1.1.6 or lower, and to re-install the latest version 1.1.7. Also, if there are devices that have been upgraded but not used yet, you can avoid this issue by downgrading it to the version 1 firmware and upgrade it again using the Entry Upgrade Tool v1.1.7. You will be able to download the latest version from the URL listed on the bottom of the document.

We sincerely apologize for all your inconvenience, and please contact the Suprema Technical Service Team for detailed information or additional inquiries.

Entry Upgrade Tool v1.1.7


If you have further inquiry, please contact us via tech@supremainc.com