If you get the error code 901 when you re-activate the existing subdomain, please follow the below instructions.

1. Stop all BioStar 2 services.

2. Backup the setting.conf file located in “C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)”.

3. Open the setting.conf file.

4. Change “use_cloud” field into “1” and then save it.

5. Restart all BioStar 2 services.

6. Activate your cloud subdomain in Settings > Cloud section.

7. If you get the email regarding the re-registration, re-active your subdomain through a link provided in the email.  

8. If you do not receive the email, please contact us. (tech@supremainc.com)

    Please note that when you email us, you should provide your subdomain name and setting.conf file to us.