Before the BioStar v2.7.12, BioStar 2 user credentials were fingerprint, face and card. But from the BioStar v2.7.12, the new credential, Suprema Mobile Credential, is supported. With Suprema Mobile Credential, you can use your smartphone as a credential and access doors, gates and more. Through Suprema Mobile Credential, you can meet improved user convenience and easier way to support 3rd party controller.

    Contents in this page are about how to setup the Suprema Mobile Credential for BioStar 2 usage. Links for extra information about Suprema Mobile Credential are listed up on the bottom of this page.



  • Suprema Mobile Credential and BioStar 2 Mobile Card are different products.
  • CANNOT enroll a new Suprema Mobile Credential directly from Suprema devices; assign through the BioStar 2 or manually input the card number.
  • If you have Suprema devices which are already in use - include XPass 2, you need to remove all user data in the device, delete the device from BioStar 2 and reset the device before starting Mobile Credential. Check the linked article which describes sample steps for your case. (Link)

1. Basic flow to issue Suprema Mobile Credential

The basic Suprema Mobile Credential issue process is as below.

The sample 'How-To' recording from Step 1) to Step 7) are linked; 

1) Join Mobile Credential portal

  • Portal address : 
  • Sign up and Create your site, purchase credits.
  • Suprema Mobile Credential portal user guide : Click (Link)

2) Register Device on Credential App

  • Click three strikes button at the top right corner.
  • Click Device Registration from menu.
  • Log in with the same account of Site admin in portal.
  • Select the site to register the device.
  • Click Device List.
  • Click Register.

3) Configure BioStar 2 Mobile Credential

  • BioStar 2 Mobile Credential setting should be based on the portal site data.
  • Email, Password : the data of the user who signed in the portal.
  • Site ID : the site ID which user created through the portal.
  • Domain :  (default)
  • Port : protocol port number of portal site (default)

[Settings>Mobile Credential]

4) Issue Mobile Credential card for user

  • When you set 'Use' for Mobile Credential, you can find 'Mobile' button from user detail page.

[USER>Add New User>Credential>Mobile]

[Overview how to configure the mobile credential and user creation]

5) Send Mobile Credential information from BioStar 2 to Suprema Mobile Credential portal

  • Please remind that the 'Credit' will deduct in this step.
  • Issue new Mobile Credential card.
  • Re-issue the current Mobile Credential card.
  • Re-issue the 'Before Activation' status Mobile Credential card.
  • When you re-issue the Mobile Credential card, the former data becomes invalid.
  • If a same user ID does not exist in CSV file, you can get user data through 'Preserve Data' or 'Overwrite'.
  • If a same user ID exists in CSV file, you can get user data through 'Overwrite'.

6) Card issue in 'Before Activation' status

  • You can check from the portal site, not from the BioStar 2.

7) Send SMS or Email to users for authentication according to the portal message option

  • You need to make sure that requested field is correctly filled in.
    • e.g. If the message option is 'Email', then the 'Email' field in 'BioStar 2 > User > Information > Email' should have data.
  • If you use SMS type, then '+' sign and country code are mandatory as SMS messaging operates when the phone number is ('+' + 'country code' + 'phone number').

8) User verification succeed

  • When the user finished user verification through received SMS or Email, Mobile Credential card will be issued correctly.

9) Card status changes into 'Activation' status in portal

  • According to Step 7)'s result, you can check the status change from the portal site, not from the BioStar 2.

10) Access Grant on Suprema devices

  • As user information automatically synchronized with devices, you can get an access grant among devices which registered for the site.

2. Additional information for Mobile Credential

1) When you issue the Mobile Credential card, you can put character, ' ' (space), number and '_' (under bar) for user name.

2) When you use SMS message type for authentication, the phone number should start with '+' sign. Phone number is limited 8 to 15 numbers.

3) If the card is blocked, the card number will be updated in 'Setting > Card > Blacklisted Card'.

4) If you delete users (delete selected users / delete all users), then issued cards will be automatically deleted from the Mobile Credential portal.

5) Even though you delete all users, Administrator user will remain and the Mobile Credential card for Administrator will be kept.

3. Links for information about Mobile Credential

  • Suprema official website - Mobile Credential page : Suprema Mobile Credential
  • Suprema Mobile Credential portal : Link
  • Suprema Mobile Credential portal user guide : attached on the bottom of this page. Or, click (Link)
  • MOCA system Youtube channel : Link

4. Mobile Credential Q&A

Q 1 > How can we get the Mobile Credential License Policy and how can we purchase Mobile Credential Credits?

A 1 > Please contact your Suprema regional sales representative. If you do not know the exact sales representative, please contact Suprema through our official web site. (Link)

Q 2 > What is difference between Suprema Mobile Credential and BioStar 2 Mobile Card?

A 2 > Please follow the linked article which is about your answer. (Link)

Q 3 > Can we keep using BioStar 2 Mobile Card if we has been used? How does the policy go for BioStar 2 Mobile Card?

A 3 > Please check the linked page to get more detailed information. Login is required to check the link. (Link)