If you already have running BioStar 2 in the project site and considering for Suprema Mobile Credential for your further mobile card, you need to beaware of Suprema Mobile Credential setup process.

    The sample in below is based on XPass 2 which is the only one device supporting Suprema Mobile Credential now. (January, 2020)


  • You need to register the device in the Suprema Mobile Credential Portal FIRST.
  • If you registered the device in the BioStar 2 before, then you need to remove the XPass 2 from the BioStar 2.


Step 1 >  Go to the BioStar 2 and delete all users in the device.


Step 2 > Delete the device from the BioStar 2 server.

Step 3 > Reset the device through 'Device Manager' application.

Step 4 > Go to the Suprema Mobile Credential Portal and register the device in the 'Site'.

  • Please refer the article in the below for setting the Mobile Credential in the portal and BioStar 2 from '1. Basic flow to issue Suprema Mobile Credential'.
  • [BioStar 2] How to Use 'Suprema Mobile Credential' (Link)

Step 5 > Add your device in the BioStar 2 and check operation of your issued Mobile Credential card.