Getting Started

What is Suprema Mobile Credential App?

Suprema Mobile Credential is a mobile credential app, which works for mobile ID access through a direct communication with the designated devices. 

Minimum Requirements

  1. Requirements of Mobile devices

Android OS : 

  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later

  • NFC or BLE supported

 Although both NFC and BLE on Android devices are supported, 

       NFC only works on devices that support HCE(Host Card Emulation). 

       Performance of BLE communication may vary depending on mobile devices.

iPhone iOS: 

  • Version 11.0 or later

  • BLE supported 

  1. Compatible devices and firmware            

       Suprema Mobile Credencial only supports XPass 2 with firmware listed below

  • XP2-MDPB Firmware 1.1.0 or later

  • XP2-GDPB Firmware 1.1.0 or later

  • XP2-GKDPB Firmware 1.1.0 or later

Overall Process 


Suprema Mobile Credentia app transmits designated card ID (managed through the portal site) to the registered devices

App Installation


  1. Suprema Mobile Credential app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play. After installation, you can activate Mobile Credential on your mobile device by clicking mobile credential invitation link from your email inbox. 


  1. When the app is not installed, clicking on the mobile credential invitation link will automatically guide to download & install the app and activate the mobile credential as a frictionless process. 


[Suprema Mobile Credential App]

System Diagram 


  1. When XPass 2 is used as a reader.  

    2. When XPass 2 is used as reader & controller (Edge device).



Portal Sign Up


Creating a Site 

  1. Create a site via Website

 After sign in your account, click ‘’and create a site

What is a site? 

  • Site can be classified by a company or an organization

  • Each site has a unique security key that distinguishes the mobile credential to work with only the site registered devices.    

  • The account used to create a site will have Master admin. 

2. Create a site via Mobile app

Click ‘’ at the top right corner 

Click ‘Device Registration’ from menu

Log in with the same account with website  (If not, check Creating an account)

Click ’ and create a site

Device Registration (Via Mobile Credential app)

Click ‘’ at the top right corner

Click ‘Device Registration’ from menu

Log in with the same account with website  (If not, select Creating an account)

Select the site to register the devices (If not, select Creating a Site

Click ‘Device List’

Click ‘(Register)’ (There is notice sound when it is succeed)

The meaning of ‘In Use' on your ‘Device List’

  • Cannot register the device when it indicates ‘In Use’ 

When the devices are ’In Use’?  

  • The device is connected to the server.

  • User data are stored in the device memory.

  • The device is connected to the master device as RS485 slave device. 


  • Delete all the users in the device

  • Restore to Factory Default’(reset) of device

  • Delete the device from the server

  • Check ‘Registered Device’ page of portal if the device is registered or not. Delete it from the list when it exists. This process is for avoiding one device is registered at several sites.

Device Restore to Default (Factory Default Reset)

  • Restore to Factory Default via the program ‘Biostar2’

  • Restore to Factory Default via the mobile app ‘Suprema Device Manager’

(Reference ‘Suprema Device User Guide’)

Main Menus of Mobile Credential Portal 

Portal Site(mc.suprema.io)

 Mobile Credential : Issue a new mobile credencial or check its list

 Registered Device: Check and delete the registered device of the site

 Site & License: Edit site name / manage the license credits

 Admin: Edit admin authority of each accounts

 Credential Settings: Edit the type of card ID 

(Type: Private numeric ID, Wiegand, ASCII)

Issue a Mobile Credential

  1. How to Issue

Access to the portal and sign in your account and go to the site. 

Click ‘Mobile credential’ at the left side menu

Click ‘ADD’ at the right top corner and fill in the necessary information which are demanded. (Optional data are not necessary to input to create a credential data.)

  1. Activate your mobile credential

Date loading or activate issued mobile credencial on your mobile device.

When Mobile Credencial card is issued, the invitation link will be sent to the entered email accounts. 

Open Email inbox from your mobile device

Click and tap the invitation link 

Check ‘Activated’ letter at the right top corner from the mobile credential app. 

If Suprema Mobile Credencial app is not installed, it will start from downloading  

      & installing the app first, and move to the credential data loading automatically. 

3. Activated & Before Activation of Mobile Credential

The invitation link can be activated only one time.

Check activation status of each Mobile Credential on portal site.

4. Differences between Reissue & Resend:  *Caution of credit deduction 


  • Issue the same mobile credencial data one more time for the cases of users having changed their mobile devices.

  • In this case, credits are deducted (Same with issue new Mobile Credential)


  • Send the invitation link one more time for the cases of users being unable to find the invitation email. 

  • Expiry date of URL: 30 days from issued date

  • Credits are not deducted

Mobile App (Suprema Mobile Credential) 


  •  Bluetooth trigger distance - Control the bar between near and far

  •  NFC mode - only for Android       (not support on iOS)

 NOTE for Android 

  • NFC is recommended

even for both NFC & BLE supported mobile devices, because of its more consistent performance. 


  • Among NFC modes, NFC card mode is recommended


  • Basic information of current usage

Device Registration

  • Access to the account and register the device on the Site 


BLE Only 


NFC or/& BLE

(NFC is default)

   Location services setting needs to be ‘Always’ in order to support BLE communication in the background. Mobile Credential App does not save/use location information. It is only required to gain access to certain applicable functions from the OS. 

Device and Usage

  1. Android


NFC:  The screen must be turned on. The NFC on your mobile device needs to be closely touched to the RF card reader.       


  • Screen does not necessarily have to be ON if the app is running or in a standby mode.

  • BLE system takes approximately 1-2 seconds to communicate between the mobile device and the RF card reader.

  • LED flashes while a device is communicating with the RF card reader.

      (OS may force to stop the app to save the battery).



  There are performance deviations depending on Android devices. 

        Therefore,NFC is recommended for Android devices.  

If devices vibrate and/or LED flashes, but there is no response, this is due to a device having the unmatched security key. Ensure that a device is appropriately registered

2. iOS


  • Screen does not necessarily have to be on if the app is running in the background as standby mode.

       (The mobile OS may force quit the app to preserve battery.)

  • BLE system takes approximately 1-2 seconds to communicate between the mobile device. 


  If devices vibrate and/or LED flashes but there is no response, this is due to a device unmatched with a security key. Ensure that a device is appropriately registered

Site & License


  1. Site Profile

Site ID: Site ID is automatically given when site is created. This ID is used for API integration or BioStar 2 integration. 

Site name: Site name can be your company or organization name

2. Credential Status

Issued: The number of Issued Mobile Credential in the list. 

(If the mobile credential is deleted from the list, it is not shown as issued.

Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the mobile credential data in the list and 

minimize the occasions to delete the credential.) 

Issuable: The number of Issuable Mobile Credential

Total: Total number of Issued and Issuable Mobile Credential


  1. Credit Status


  • Used to issue a mobile credential card

  • 5 Credit is given when a new site is created for demo and test purposes. 

Used Credit

  • Current status of used credits 

Maintenance Credit

  • Free buffer credits can be used for the cases of mobile device changes or app reinstallations. 

  • Maintenance credits are deducted first when Delete/Reissue mobile credentials. 

 Regular type mobile credentials do not have time limits for their use. Once it’s activated, it can be used until the mobile app is deleted. However, users change their mobile devices from time to time, and there are cases having to reinstall the apps.  

Maintenance credits are for such cases by making the system to deduct its credits first and reissue mobile credentials again without having to purchase credits. 

  1. Activation of License 

License code can be purchasable from Suprema or MOCA System’s Sales team

Issuable Credit is charged when License code is activated

According to the default policy, the number of Maintenance Credit is set double amount of Credit.

Maintenance credit only can be purchased.