Sometimes when we refer to a group of devices, Suprema agents may say a 1st generation device, 2nd generation device, or entry-level device. 

If you are not familiar with them, they mean the following. 

1st generation device:

BioLite Solo, BioLiteNet, BioEntry W, BioEntry Plus, BioStation, BioStation T2, FaceStation, D-Station, Xpass, Xpass S2

1st generation entry-level (blackfin) device:

BioLite Solo, BioLiteNet, BioEntry W, BioEntry Plus, Xpass, Xpass S2

* These devices do not have an OS.

2nd generation device: 

BioEntry W2, BioStation L2, BioStation A2, BioStation 2, FaceStation 2, BioEntry P2, BioEntry R2, CoreStation, BioLite N2, FaceLite, XPass 2, XPass D2, FaceStation F2, BioStation 3, X-Station 2

2nd generation devices are also sometimes referred to as BioStar 2 devices. They were designed for BioStar 2 and introduced after BioStar 2 was released. 

They only can use limited features in BioStar 1.92 or above version because these devices were not originally designed for BioStar 1. 

For product images and feature comparison, refer to Knowledgebase page: Product Comparison.