When you need to reset an admin password of device which has LCD on, you should connect the device with BioStar server.

This process is essentially required in both BioStar 1 and BioStar 2, so please refer a below article if you need more information.

[BioStar 2] Resetting admin password of devices having LCD  


Remind that there is any other way to add/delete/edit admin user information except connect BioStar software through network.

Please follow below steps if you are trying to reset BioLite Net (BLR-OC / BLN-OC) admin password.

Note: The example is based on BioStar 1 server.

1. Go to BioStar v1 and add your device.

2. Add a new user as admin user and click 'Apply' button on the bottom on right side.

  • Please remember the ID and Password from below red boxes.

3. Transfer the new administrator users to the device.

4. You can check from BioLite Net device as:
   4-1. Click 'ESC' button to get in the device menu.
   4-2. Insert ID and password to login.

If you cannot access the device through BioStar, please refer to the attachment.

You can download BioStar Config from the following link: BioStar Config