If multiple users were enrolled same fingerprints or face, then there can be some security problem. To prevent user enrollment with duplicated fingerprints or faces, duplication check-in BioStar 2 is supported from BioStar 2 v2.7.8. You need to match BioStar 2 server version and device firmware versions to enable the 'Duplicate Check' feature.

Device Model
Firmware Version
FaceStation 2
v1.3.0 and over
v1.1.0 and over
BioStation 2v1.8.0 and over
BioStation L2v1.5.0 and over
BioStation A2
v1.7.0 and over
BioLite N2
v1.2.0 and over

1. Basic information of 'Duplicate Check' feature

  • To support this feature, you need to use both over BioStar 2 v2.7.8 and supporting firmware.
  • It is supported when you use 1:N matching. (It is not supported when you use 1:1 matching)
  • If one user registered the same fingerprints/faces, there will be no duplication check for those data.
  • Duplication checking time and speed will be different by the location of fingerprint/face data stored.
  • Even though there are many duplicated fingerprint / face users from current database, BioStar 2 and device will show 1 user information.
  • You can enable this feature in 'Slave' device, however, the function will not work.
  • If someone try to enroll user with duplicated biometric information, the registration would be fail. You can check the log through Monitoring and Settings - Audit Trail.


  • The duplication-checking feature is supported when you enroll a user fingerprint or face from the device menu, not from BioStar 2.

2. Configure from BioStar 2 server/client

  • You can configure for fingerprint/face duplicate check, enable or disable.
  • It does not have a limitation whether your device has LCD or not. (Only needs your firmware support this feature.)
  • BioStar 2 - Device - (Selected Device) - Fingerprint / Face - Duplicate Check - Enable / Disable
  • The default setting in BioStar 2 server is 'disabled.'

<Fingerprint Duplicate Check from BioStation 2>

<Face Duplicate Check from FaceStation 2>

3. Configure from Suprema device

  • You can configure for fingerprint/face duplicate check, enable or disable.
  • It is only supported in LCD on devices.

            Supported on : BioStation 2, BioStation L2, BioStation A2, BioLite N2, FaceStation 2, FaceLite

  • Device menu (ESC key) - Authentication - Fingerprint / Face - Operation - Duplicate Check
  • The default setting in the device is 'enabled.' (You should manually set 'enabled' after you upgraded the firmware after you upgrading from 'not supported' version to 'supported' version.)