The BioStar 2 resource file is located at <BioStar 2 installed folder\nginx\html\resources> as the below image. This article is for the user who met an issue after upgrading BioStar 2 server when the user has a 'customized' or 'modified' language resource file for BioStar 2. The following sample image is a language resource file list that is fundamentally supported in BioStar 2.

* If you have any BioStar 2 language resource file inquiry, please contact your regional sales representative OR leave a message through Suprema's official website.

  If you created and used a custom resource file for the BioStar 2 server, all resource files include the custom resource file was deleted and not kept after the BioStar 2 upgrading before BioStar 2.7.10. So after the upgrading, you could not log in to your BioStar 2 because the software configuration is still set in your custom language, but there is no resource file that the BioStar 2 server is looking for.

  From BioStar 2.7.10, the BioStar 2 installer will check the custom resource file existence during the upgrading process. If the custom resource file exists, then the resource file will be kept even though other default resource files are deleted and newly installed. If the resource file is deleted by chance or on purpose, then you can log in to your BioStar 2 server in English configuration instead of blocking the user log in.


  • If you 'DELETE' the BioStar 2 server with all data, then all resource files, including the custom resource files, will be deleted as designed.,