Suprema Webinar :  BioStar 2 Integration for Milestone XProtect

Suprema's BioStar 2 is the powerful web-based security platform that provides the ability to integrate with third-party systems easily. This integration is based on Suprema’s BioStar 2 server and enables operators to display the access control events and alarm on the XProtect Smart Client. 

In this webinar, Suprema EUROPE SARL, Technical Support Engineer, Cyril Audiau will walk you through how you can use BioStar 2 Integration for Milestone XProtect. Specifically, we'll cover:

- Brief Introduction about VMS

- What an integration between VMS and BioStar2 is

- How it works

- VMS Milestone

- Requirement

- How to install BioStar 2 and Milestone XProtect

- How to setup BioStar 2 in Milestone XProtect

- What you can get with VMS integration

We’ll also be doing a live Q&A to answer any questions you might have.

Recorded video file: Click here.

Presentation file: Please find the attached file. 

Q&A list: Please the below list.


Cyril AUDIAU, Technical Support Engineer at SUPREMA EUROPE SARL

Useful Links

Milestone MarketPlace 

How To Install BioStar 2 Integration with Milestone

Download link (Updated, 23 July 2020)

Q&A List 

1) What is the system requirement of Milestone XProtect?

For the system requirement of  Milestone XProtect, please refer the below link. 

For the prerequisites of BioStar 2 Integration with Milestone, please refer to the below list.

2) Should I have a license of BioStar 2 to use BioStar 2 Integration for Milestone XProtect?

You can use a starter version of BioStar 2 without activating the license. 

But, please contact to Milestone team and purchase the AC license of Milestone XProtect.