Topic : Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2.

Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2 is a middleware that allows the Paxton Net2 Access Control System to communicate with the Suprema biometric devices, which can register a variety of credentials to users from the Net2, and to manage connected devices. With Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2, you can easily setup and build the Biometric Management System for the Net2 using Suprema biometric devices.

In this webinar, Suprema UK Technical Team Lead Manager, Dwayne Neufville will walk you through how you can use Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2.

1. What is Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2?

  • Introduction
  • Feature
  • System Diagram
  • License

2. Installation

  • Supported System (OS)
  • Supported Suprema Biometric Device / USB
  • Paxton Net2
  • Installing Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2

3. Getting Started

  • Activate Paxton Net2
  • Net2 Configuration Utility
  • Dashboard of Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2
  • Adding a Suprema Device

4. Operation

  • Adding a User within Paxton
  • Enrolling Finger & Face Template
  • Practical Test

[System Configuration]

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Q&A list: Please the below list.


Dwayne Neufville, UK & Ireland Technical Team Lead Manager at Suprema

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Product Information: Suprema Integration with Paxton Net 2

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Q&A List  

1. Net2 Controller has only 1 output?

The Net2 Plus has 2 Relays (One for each reader), the Net2 Nano has 1.

2. In the case of using FS2 with thermal sensor, the temperature setting and the authentication mode should be set up by FS2? or you can set them in the integration application?

Currently, you should configure that part on the FS2 device menu directly.

3. Even you use Paxton for all enrollment process, still need BioStar 2 in the background, correct?

No, the new integration will handle all connection to the devices, the only install needed will be the Suprema integration

4. Does the net 2 software show a denied access event in the case of a high temperature while using a credential?

As all authentication is done via a device, a temperature higher than the threshold will send out no info, Unless the device is set to send out a fail code.

5. Does a high-temperature signal get sent to the Paxton software?

All authentication is done via a device, so as a high temp will not allow you to authenticate, the device will not send out Wiegand. Unless a fail code 'Either 0x00 or 0xFF' is set to be sent out.

6. Does Paxton events shows a denied access by thermal?

A denied access could be sent out if a fail code is selected to be sent out.

7. I've not used Paxton before. What is Token in it for? Does the Token number refer to a user ID in BioStar 2 or something else in BioStar 2?

Token of Paxton is the card ID in BioStar 2 device.