Topic. BioStar 2 & FaceStation F2 New Concepts

What we plan to cover in this webinar:

This webinar will cover new features and concepts that will be applied to the BioStar 2 platform.

An introduction on the new FaceStation F2 and advanced enrollment methods will be provided to give an idea on how to utilize the new device. 

For FaceStation F2, click here. - [BioStar 2] New Product Introduction - FaceStation F2

A&E Specification of FaceStation F2 - Click here

Product Info - Click here


1. FaceStation F2

2. Enrollment for FaceStation F2

3. What’s next?

4. Q&A

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Q&A list: Please the below list.


Michael Lee, BioStar 2 Product Manager at Suprema

Q&A List

1.Could you explain what kind of image format we can use it as a user visual face enrollment of FaceStation F2? 

You can register a visual face by using JPG, and PNG. 

2. Is it possible to input 2 photos for 1 user on csv and upload on BioStar 2 server?

From BioStar 2 v2.8.8, you can enroll visual face through CSV file. It will be released within this week. 

You can use the Batch enrollment by CSV file import.

3. Do I need BioStar 2 AC Advanced License to run the Biostar2 cloud to do the mobile registration?

Yes, you should active BioStar 2 Cloud with the AC Advanced License.

4. Does FaceStation F2 have a different face template format with FaceStation 2 and FaceLite?

FaceStation F2 has a different face template type. It's not compatible with FaceStation 2 and FaceLite. 

For more information, please visit [BioStar 2] New Product Introduction - FaceStation F2.

5. Does FaceStation F2 support WIFI?

It does not support a Wireless LAN.

6. Does FaceStation F2 can show captured Image (image log) on Realtime log Monitoring like FaceStation 2?

FaceStation F2 supports Image Log Feature.

7. Is there any recommendation of picture background of the picture ?

We will prepare how to enroll a user face for F2. we will publish the technical article in 2 weeks.

8. How many logs can FaceStation F2 have?

Max. Text Log : 5,000,000 

Max. Image Log : 50,000 

9. Is there any recommendation for FaceStation F2 (FSF2-ODB - Face, Fingerprint) Installation?

The optimal height for installing device is 124 cm.

10. Is there any recommendation for FaceStation F2 (FSF2-DB or FSF2-AB) Installation?

The optimal height for installing device is 127 cm.

11. Please inform us the power supply specification of FaceStation F2.

Please refer to the following descriptions in FaceStation F2 Installation Guide.,

•Use a power supply adapter of DC 24 V or DC 12 V (± 10%) with a minimum of 2,500 mA which has obtained the approval of IEC/EN 60950-1. If you wish to connect and use another device to the power supply adapter, you should use an adapter with a current capacity which is the same or larger than the total power consumption required for the terminal and another device.

• Use a separate power supply for Secure I/O 2, the electric lock, and the product respectively. If connecting and using the power supply to these devices together, the devices may malfunction.

• When connecting the power supply, be aware of the distance between FaceStation F2 and the power supply. The FaceStation F2 should be connected as close as possible to the power supply so that the length of the connecting cable is kept to a minimum. If cable connections are made improperly it may cause the device to malfunction. It is recommended to use a 16 AWG or 18 AWG cable if the FaceStation F2 is far from the power supply. The connection distance may differ depending on the standard of the cable used and the installation environment. FaceStation F2 supports both DC 24 V and DC 12 V power, so check the maximum length according to the cable specification to ensure that the unit is properly powered.

Cable standard
Max. extended length
DC 24 V
DC 12 V
16 AWG
150 m
50 m
18 AWG
136 m
30 m
20 AWG
90 m
20 m

• DO NOT extend the length of power cable when using the power adapter (DC 24 V (± 10%), 2.5A).

• DO NOT use the CAT5 UTP 2-Wire for power supply purpose.