Available BioStar 2 Version: v2.8.14 or above

Compatible RS485 Master Device and Firmware: CoreStation v1.5.2_20211105 or above

IM-120 FW version: 1.0.0_20211022 or above

BioStar 2.8.14 supports a new input module, IM-120, to enable the multiple inputs and multiple relays.

 Input Module is a multiple-input extension module that can control up to 12 supervised inputs, 2 AUX, 1 tamper switch, and 2 relays. A total of 31 units can be connected to a master device via an RS485 daisy chain. It allows the use of inputs for interfacing with sensors or door contacts etc., as well as providing a simple ‘dry contact’ interface for other systems.


In the physical access control, some facilities such as emergency exit doors which are supposed to be closed for the ordinary situation need to monitor the physical status of the door and need to keep the alarm status based on the input detection status.  In addition, it requires working even though the communication is disconnected from the control device. 

IM-120 supports linkage and offline operation to meet that kind of system requirements. If your system needs to distinguish the input detected on and off, IM-120 is a suitable device. 

(Suprema Trainer YouTube: https://youtu.be/kQq8fAdji4Y)



- Support Linkages between inputs and relays (ex, a relay would keep activated when the Input signal is kept.)

- Support event logs with Input Detected OFF and Input Detect ON 

- 12 Supervised Inputs

-  Action by alarm/fault(cut, short)

-  Support 3 AUX inputs, including 1 dedicated for tamper switch input to detect power failure or networking status (on/off) with the RS485 master device. 

- Multiple inputs and multiple replays operation

Offline mode

- Inputs and relays working on even though the RS485 is disconnected
- Logs up to 10 events that occurred during RS485 disconnection

: If more than 10 events occur, they will be deleted in the order of event logs that occurred first.

Product Information

Device Installation Guide

A&E Specification

System Configuration



How to configure Inputs and Linkage

0. Prepare a CoreStation and IM-120

- IM-120 needs to be connected through RS485 line to CoreStation.

1. Go to BioStar 2>Device

2. Click [SEARCH DEVICE] and add CoreStation

3. Click the right button on CoreStation icon and click [Search Slave Device] to search the IM-120 in the RS485 line

4. Select the IM-120 from the search result and click [Add]

- You can add other slave devices.

5. Confirm the device list

6. Click [IM-120] to configure the Input and linkage setting

7. Enter the Name of Inputs that you want to connect to the physical inputs and select the option from the supervised input register list with the option of switch type

You can set the name of the input location to find where it is actual installed.
The swtich button can be set to N/C or N/O based on the general status of the input connection)
- N/O: Normally Open
- N/C: Normally Closed

You can configure Tamper, AUX0, and AUX1 with the seprated ports.
You can configure up to 12 inputs with the setting of the supervised input register.
You can use the following resistors for the IM-20. 1 ㏀, 2.2 ㏀, 4.7 ㏀, 10 ㏀. For the wiring of supervised inputs, please refer to the page in the section Supervised Input of DM-20.
 You can set the minimum time for an input signal to be considered valid when it occurs. Duration can only be entered numbers from 50 to 65535.

8. Set the linkage for relay 0 or relay 1 when there are input detections

Fault (cut and short) is only activated when the supervised input is enabled by selecting a resistance value in the Supervised Input Resister.

Let's say, enable [Alarm] of Input 0 in Relay 0 of linkage setting. 

The relay 0 would turn on while you keep the input detection. Once the input detection is released, then, the relay 0 would turn off.

You can enable [Fault] of an input's alarm if the input is set to the supervised input register in Input Configuration above.

Also, multiple inputs can active one relay or two relays at the same time.

9. Click [Apply] to save the settings

Monitoring the logs of IM-120

Case 1) Door Release Button with connected input 0 and the door lock with connected relay 0

  • The input 0 is detected ON and the relay 0 is activated.
  • The input 0 is released and then, the relay 0 is deactivated.

Case 2) Emergency Door Status with the connected supervised input register and  the alarm with the relay 1

  • The line short of input 3 occurs and relay 1(alarm) is activated.
  • The line cut of input 3 occurs and relay 1(alarm) is activated.

How offline mode works

Linkage settings are saved in the IM-120, and when the connection with the RS485 master device is disconnected, the IM-120 can operate alone. 

  • Inputs and relays working on even though the RS485 is disconnected
  • Recent Log storage up to 10 events per input that occurred during RS485 disconnection

Using the Input Module with the enclosure

The Input Module can be installed inside the enclosure (ENCR-10) for physical and electrical protection. The enclosure

includes a power status LED board, power distribution board, power supply, and tamper. The enclosure is sold



You can also configure Door Setting with IM-120 and active the relay with the user authentication if you connect an RS485 slave device or a Wiegand reader to CoreStation.


You cannot add the same input or same relay of IM-120 to Door Configuration and Input Configuration.
Other products except CoreStatsion are not compatible with IM-120. 
CoreStation is an intelligent door controller that supports card, fingerprint, and face authentication. It can be used for access control by connecting the Suprema device as a slave, and additionally can be used with IM-120 (Except for FaceStation F2)