From BioStar 2.8.16, you can use X-Station 2 as a slave device for CoreStation. Please notice that you need to match the BioStar 2 and CoreStation firmware versions to use this function.

1. Supported version

1) BioStar 2: v2.8.16 and above

2) CoreStation firmware: v1.5.2 or above

2. Supported models of X-Station 2

3. Feature notice

1) You CANNOT upgrade X-Station 2 firmware during the device is in Slave mode.

  • To upgrade X-Station 2 Slave device's firmware, you need to connect the device BioStar 2 directly via Ethernet.

2) You can use 'Secure Tamper' on X-Station 2 Slave device.

3) Image Log setting is not available during X-Station 2 is in Slave mode.

  • Suprema will improve this part in the further releases.