Affected Version of BioStar 2: v2.8.16 or higher version

Affected Version of X-Station 2 firmware: v1.2.0 (* check details at 1-2))

In the previous BioStar 2, when a customer using a CSN card tried to authenticate a user through a QR code with the same value as the CSN, customers could not use it due to the difference in authentication logic between QR and CSN. Suprema allows authentication with a QR code of the same data as the issued CSN card or Wiegand card to reflect the market requirements. 

* To use this function, BioStar 2 and X-Station 2 firmware versions must match.

[Device > X-Station 2 detail page > Authentication > QR/Barcode]

    This feature is useful who is looking for Integration with Visitor Management System + QR code. With 3rd party Visitor Management System, you can generate the QR code for Visitors. However, this data is not available to use with Suprema system.
    In the previous BioStar 2 and X-Station 2 FW, you could not synchronize this data to Suprema X-Station 2 because X-Station 2 QR can only use BioStar 2 QR or ASCII QR data type.

From 2.8.16, you can use the QR code in decimal as X-Station 2 User credential.

How it works
    Suprema is offering BioStar 2 API - a server-level RESTful API - with which you can communciate with a BioStar 2 server. The API allows you to update BioStar 2 User from the server with the decimal data of QR code in the CSN card information of BioStar 2 user. Once you get the QR raw data from the 3rd party Visitor Management system, you can integrate it with BioStar 2 server.

1. Supported version

1) BioStar 2: v2.8.16 or above

2) X-Station 2: v1.2.0 (Suprema will update when the firmware is released.) 

2. Feature notice

1) 'Use QR as Card' is available only when 'Use QR/Barcode' is Enabled.

2) This function is not supported for BioStar 2 QR.

3) This function is not supported for Smart Card.

3. Sample user scenario

1) A user (user ID 2, Tom) has been assigned a CSN card.

2) Prepare the X-Station 2 QR model device.

** For comparison, we prepared one device supported by the [Use QR as Card] function and one not supported.

3) User Tom taps the CSN card (RF card) he has on the X-Station 2. At this time, both X-Station 2 return 'Access Granted' for user Tom.

4) Generates a QR code with the same value as the CSN that Tom has.

QR type
QR value
QR sample
Free Text1251686652985216

5) User Tom tries to authenticate on X-Station 2 with the above QR code. Only enabled devices with the [Use QR as Card] function will return 'Access Granted.'