Updated: 2022-05-23

Suprema G-SDK is a new software development kit for allowing Suprema devices to be integrated with third-party software. By using gRPC which is an open-source RPC framework, Suprema G-SDK lowers the barrier for developers by supporting a wide range of programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Python, Objective-C, Go, JavaScript, and more. It will help developers who are not familiar with a specific programming language integrate Suprema devices with their own applications by using preferred languages.

In this webinar, we take a closer look at the following.
Especially, we explain how to run Suprema G-SDK Example with C# code and show the demonstration.

1) Understanding Suprema G-SDK
What is Suprema G-SDK?
2) BioStar 2 Device SDK vs. Suprema G-SDK
3) How to run Suprema G-SDK Example
4) FAQ

5) Q&A

Target Audience:
Technical Engineer, Developer, SI Company

Mark Kim | Technical Consulting Engineer, Suprema

This webinar targets customers who are interested in G-SDK Example Code running.

Recorded video file:

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Q&A List

1. Can you tell me how I can connect and retrieve data from readers with Python?

For the Python, you can refer to G-SDK example code and then, please get in touch with us via support.supremainc.com.


2. Is the Master Gateway License charged?

That is free of charge. However, we need to have the basic project information to generate the license of Master Gateway. Please contact Suprema Sales Team if you need to have the Master Gateway.

3. Who will generate the ca.crt?

The system operator needs to generate the ca.crt when the application based on G-SDK is running.

4. Is it possible to trigger an external API on real time basis based on an event in Biometric Device

We do not have to trigger an external API based on the log event in Biometric device. It's not possible to trigger an external API. However, we can make an action such as output alarm or output sound based on the log event of the suprema device.


5. Can I import a photo to Visual Face with G-SDK?

Importing a photo for visual face enrollment is not available with G-SDK for the current version. 

 We can provide the example code for you. If you need, please contact Suprema team.

6. Will the BioStar 2 Device SDK be ended?

We do not have the plan of the EOL of BioStar 2 Device SDK. You can use BioStar 2 Device SDK as an option.