Updated: 8 Jan 2024

For GDPR Compliance,

this integration method SHOULD NOT BE USED since Database needs to be fully encrypted by default.

Please refer to the attached file regarding BioStar's Database table. 

The document also includes precautions regarding database use provided by our engineers. Please read them carefully. 

Refer to TS0183 if you would like to know how the T&A key is mapped in the database. 

For the event type, you can refer to the attached excel file or look into the T_EVTTYPE table.


- The DB Structure of Oracle Database and MS SQL is identical although the script to create the database is different. 

- There were no changes in the database for BioStar 2.4.1 compared to BioStar 2.4.0 regarding the items are listed for access in the document. 

- The event log time is stored as UTC + 0. Add + hours based on your timezone. Refer to [BioStar 2] Event Log in the AC Database

- The BioStar 2 T&A database table is not provided because it should not be used for integration purposes.
 * The AC database logs are synced into the T&A database. This means the logs in T&A will always appear later when it is stored in the AC Database so there is no reason to use the T&A database for integration.