There has been no releases of BioStar 1 SDK after 1.9.

You cannot use BioStar 1 SDK to connect to 2nd generation devices. You have to use BioStar 2 Device SDK.

BioStar 1.92 allow 2nd generation devices such as A2, L2, W2, BioStation2 connectivity, but this was only possible because it used BioStar 2 Device SDK.  

  • Operation of BEW2-OxPB models in BioStar 1 is NOT guaranteed.

You can learn more about BioStar 2 Device SDK and BioStar 2 API at our knowledgebase.

 BioStar 2 Device SDK: 

BioStar 2 API: 

If you need the SDK, please request to your local distributor.