How Do You Add/Remove Certificates from BioConnect?

How to Add or Remove a Certificate from BioConnect


If your BioConnect certificate expires or you have duplicate certificates, you will see the

following error in the BioConnect console:

To troubleshoot this issue, you must do the following:
• Run mmc (this can be done by opening the command prompt and typing “mmc” and
clicking enter)

• Click [File] > [Add/Remove Snap-in]

• Click on [Certificates] > [Add]

• Click on [My user account] > [Finish]

• Expand [Certificates- Current User] > [Trusted People] > [Certificates]

• If there is a duplicate BioConnect certificate, delete it and run the console to see if the
issue is now fixed.
• If not, check to see if there is an expired BioConnect certificate. If there is, delete it and
then go to your (C:) drive > Program Files (x86) > Entertech Systems > BioConnect >
BioConnect Service > Utilities
• Run ‘SelfCert’

• When adding the BioConnect, remember the X.500 Distinguished name should always
be “cn=BioConnect” and is case-sensitive
• Change the validity date to meet 5 years expectation
• Select [LocalMachine] in “Location” field and [Trusted people] in “Store” field
• Click [Save]
• Run the Console Window again and verify the errors are resolved