BC-How to Run BioConnect Console (Debugging)

This document describes how to run the BioConnect Server using the "console" which is a real-time debugging screen. This function can be used

when installing a new server or troubleshooting issue(s) critical in nature that require immediate attention.

Please Note:

  • The BioConnect "Console" window is not meant for long term production as the debugging window operates slowly and has an impact on software speed an operation for other users.
  • The BioConnect "Console" window cannot be run at the same time as the normal BioConnect Services. This is because the console window operates on the same port(s) are the normal services. These services must be stopped before running this debugging window, see how to restart BioConnect services for more details on how stop the services.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login into the Server that is running the BioConnect application.
  2. Stop the BioConnect Services if they are currently running.
  3. Start ONLY the BioConnect "Logging Server Host" Service.

       4. Select the BioConnect Service application in program files.

5. This will open and start the BioConnect "Console"

   6. The debugging screen will display a color code of lines that indicate functions as they move through the screen.


            a. Green and White = Normal Operation

            b. Red = Fatal or Warning.

   7. Below is an example of a fatal warning in console.

You can obtain similar information and warnings in the debugging log text file as well. This file can be review or sent to the BioConnect
support team without stopping the BioConnect Services.