This document outlines how to restart the BioConnect Services. Please note that users will not be able to connect to the application when the

services are stopped. Service stoppage ideally should be done during non-peak hours if possible to avoid system disruption.

Step-by-step guide

Part 1: Stopping all Services

1. Login into the Server that is running the BioConnect application.

2. Type in services on the server that you are running.(There are 6 total)

3. Locate the BioConnect Services.

4. Right-click and select stop on the logging server.

     a.This is the core dependency for all the BioConnect services, they should stop when the logging server is shutdown.

5. Select refresh at the logging server has been stopped to confirm that all services have shutdown.

Part 2: Starting all Services

The start services process can be done at any time with fully stopped or partially stopped services. This function will start services in
order of dependency and skip any services that are already started.

1. Login into the Server that is running the BioConnect application.
                                         2. Locate program and application area on the server the BioConnect Application is running on.

3. Type "Start Services" into the start menu. This will show a BioConnect Start Services Icon.

4. Select the start services program.
5. This will begin the start-up cycle for the BioConnect Services and give a "start successfully" indicator for each service.

6. Once completed go to services on the windows machine and validate that all BioConnect services show as running.