There is a way to adjust the matching security level of the device in the BioConnect Configuration File. I will list the instructions below on how to increase the limit but remember this is not a solution for bad fingerprint enrollments. 

Standard format is at 4, and the max is 7. If you choose to go to 7 that requires an enrollment score of around 90. So maybe try setting it to a 5/6 first. 

Instructions are as follows, 

 Go To Program Files x86 > BioConnect > Server > and select the Entertech.BiometricService.config file. 

  1. I would recommend copying and backing up that file in a separate folder to begin. 
  2. Open up that file and see the setting below and change the “4” to a 5 or a 6. 
  3. Save that file, and make sure you add the .config extension to the desktop or another folder. 
  4. Once that file has been saved, copy it from the file location and replace it in the BioConnect Service folder
  5. Run BioConnect up again and the enrollment quality will change