If you are having trouble activating your online BioConnect license please check if the flexera domain is blocked. 

[Error Message]

Checking Connectivity

1. Open a command prompt

2. Type nslookup and press enter. 

3. Type www.flexerasoftware.com and press enter. 

4. Open another command prompt. 

5. Type ping www.flexerasoftware.com or ping [ip]  

* [ip] is the IP address shown in the nslookup. 

Below is a successful ping to the flexerasoftware site. 

If you are not able to see the messages below, please check your firewall and router settings to see if this domain is blocked. 


If you cannot send a  ping to the flexera website, make sure that www.flexerasoftware.com:443 is open on the firewall and then try registering the license again.
Make sure that the ports listed in the installation guide are open as well: