Template on Card (ToC) is a feature where you store the user information and fingerprint in the smart card.

This is useful when you have more users than the specifications of the device or if you do not want to store fingerprints in the device.

You can use Mifare or iClass cards for this feature.

Note that with a Template on Card, the user ID will become the card ID. 


1. On the Device menu select your device.

2. Select Operation Mode tab.

3. Check Use Template on Card.

4. Click Apply.


- If you want to configure the Smart card layout, go to Option > Card menu, else the default format is used

- If you're using a 2nd generation device, you do not have to check Use Template on Card. It is on by default. 

[Operation Mode of a A2 device]

5. Click on the User menu. 

6. Select a user.

7. Select the Card tab and your Card Type.

8. Click Card Management.

9. Select your device on Device ID.

10. Click Format Card to format the card first.

11. Click Write Card and place the card on the device.

Note: A pop up will show asking you to place the card again. On the first write the user data is written and on the seconds write the template data is written. 

12. Click OK.

13. Click Apply.

Note: Template on Card issued in a 2nd generation device will not work on a 1st generation device and vice versa. 

i.e Template on Card issued on a W2 will not work on BioLiteNet.