Updated date: April 24, 2024

The BioStar 2 Software System and Server Specifications and Requirements are available in the Help menu located at the top bar menu, which can be found after logging in to the BioStar 2 web client, as shown in the image below, or by clicking on help at the start of BioStar 2 software login UI. 

Inside the Help Menu of BioStar 2 → Installation → Minimum System Requirements → check for BOTH Server Requirement and Client Requirement. 

Make sure to use the proper Server PC for BioStar 2 Software based on System requirements. 

  • BioStar 2 hasn't been tested on a VM server by our QA team.

▶ If you wish to install BioStar 2 Software or Database to the VM Server, please contact your designated Suprema Sales Representative with your project size (number of devices) for further detailed guidelines.

  • MSSQL 2008 is not supported. 

BioStar 2 Version 2.9.5 or higher version

BioStar 2 Software Version 2.9.5 and above can be installed in Chrome and Edge Version 117.x.x.x or higher

BioStar 2 Version 2.8.14 or higher version

Removed JAVA version due to supporting OpenJDK.

BioStar 2.8.4 or higher version 

Updated RAM and MEMORY(HDD/SSD) spec.

BioStar 2.8.1 or higher version

Added MS SQL Server 2019 to Database List

BioStar 2.7.14 or higher version

Added MS SQL Server 2017 to Database List.

BioStar 2.6 - BioStar 2.7.12

* We have tested BioStar 2 in Windows Server 2012(x64) and Windows Server 2016(64).

BioStar 2.5 

Note for MS SQL users (as shown in the manual note)

If you are using MS SQL Server 2012, install the SQL Server Native Client by referring to the following web page. If MS SQL Server and BioStar 2 are installed on different PCs, you should install the Native Client on a PC with BioStar 2 installed.

The information below is based on BioStar 2.5.0 hotfix version