If the primary key for your cards at your site has changed you can follow the procedure below to change the card format. 

1. Go to Setting > CARD FORMAT.

2. Select Smart Card.

3. Select the format you would like to change. 

4. Set the Secondary Key to Active.

5. Enter your new Primary Key.

6. In the Secondary Key enter your old key.

7. Click Apply. 

8. Go to the device menu and apply the smart card format to your device. 

9. After issuing all your cards, turn off the Secondary Key on the card format

* When you replace the primary key, this means that you will not use the secondary key so old cards with the previous key cannot be read. 


There is no event that is recorded regarding the change of the key on the card. There isn't a separate log for this case for card issue fail and authentication fail based on wrong key value. The key value should be remembered by the administrator. The card will become unusable if it is unknown which key was used so please take caution. 

SDK Reference

V2 Device



V1 Device 


Key configuration example is also shown in the SDK example CardControl