W2 & P2

With the W2 and P2 device, you can reset the network by pressing the network reset button behind the device. 

If you want to factory default the device, press the network reset button 3 times and then again when the yellow LED is flashing. 

Factory default will only work if you have used secure communication with server for the device. 

Refer to the article below to understand what this feature is: How to configure Secure Communication between Device and Server (TLS/SSL)

For further details refer to the attached device manual.  


Although not mentioned in the device manual, CoreStation's factory default operates with the same logic as W2 or P2. 

Factory Default

You can only factory default the device on the physical device if the device has a certificate acquired from the server through secure communication with device feature. 

Follow the process below: 

1. Press the INIT button 3 times. 

2. Press the INIT button again. 

Network Default 

Press the init button for at least 3 seconds to reset the ethernet and RS485 connection. 

Note: If an IP cannot be acquired through the DHCP server, the device IP will be 169.254.xx.xx