In order to change the language displayed on the device, you have to change the resource file of the device. 

Follow the steps below to translate the device UI language. 

BioStar 2

1. Download the resource file from the following link

Confirm the version of the firmware and download for the resource files.

* If you need the most recent version for 2nd generation devices, download the resource file from the link below. 

(Updated: 03-February-2021)


20210203_FSF2_ResourceFile_and Tool for FSF2 only.7z

2. When you receive the resource file, download the attached file. 

3. Change the downloaded (ResourceTool1.1.ex) file extension to .exe. 

4. Run the program with administrator privileges. 

5. Click Open.

6. Select All file for file names.

7. Select your resource file and click Open.

8. Enter your firmware version in Version.

9. Enter you device model in Device Type.

10. Select your card type on Card Type. 

Note: You can save your progress by clicking Save.

11. Change the text as desired on the visible rows. 


- Custom UI usually starts in line 40000.

- If you find editing on the program inefficient, you can open the rc file with a common text reading tool and edit it from there and then open the file in the tool only to build the resource file. 

12. Click Build

13. The resource file is created in the same directory your ResourceTool1.1.exe is in. 

14. Copy the .bin resource file to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\resource  

15. Log in to BioStar 2 web client. 

16. Select your device. 

17. Go to Advanced > Display/Sound. 

18. In Language select Custom.

19. Click Update Resource

20. Select your resource file. 

21. Click Yes when a popup appears. 

22. Click Apply

Note: double check if the Language has changed to Custom.  

The device will reset after applying the resource file. 

Check that your change has been applied properly on the device.

If you are using a language that requires a special font, uncomment the font at the end of the .rc file to apply the font.

For instance, if you are using an Arabic language, uncomment the Arabic line and save the file.

BioStar 1

Translate and tag the file with the same tool as shown above. 

Apply the resource file in the Display/Sound menu of the device. 


1. Will it cause a problem if I apply a resource file that is a higher version than the firmware? 

No it is fine to apply a resource file that is a higher version than the actual firmware. The new feature's text are just ignored.
However note that if you use a older resource file than the firmware version the new texts will not appear properly.

2. Do I have to create a new .bin file with the tool for every different device type and card type? 

It is important that you tag the correct device type. However, the software does not care for the card type.

3. Do I have to create a new .bin file with every new version of firmware even if there were no UI changes?

It does not matter if you do not change the version information. It is only for tagging purposes.