Video integration of BioStar2 

– It’s simple feature to see recorded video and picture from NVR for certain log event. For video/picture confirmation, Realtime monitoring is not supported by BioStar2.

- It's supported by BioStar2 v2.5 AC Standard

Note: To use BioStar2 video feature, you should install BioStar2 server on x64 machine and configure with Maria DB server. If BioStar2 server is installed with MS-SQL, Video feature of BioStar2 v2.5 is not supported.

Supported NVR : ACTi, Dahua, Hikvision

Please confirm the following information and check your NVR connection with BioStar2 2.5 before you proceed your project.

1. Hikvision NVR

   1) SDK version: v5.2.771

   2) Tested NVR list : DS-7608NI-E2, DS-7616NI-E2, iVMS4200 v2.4(PC-NVR)

2. Dahua NVR

   1) SDK version: v2.14.50523

   2) Tested NVR list : DH-NVR608-32-4K, DH-NVR4416, SmartPSS V1.13.1.R.20160504(PC-NVR)

3. Acti NVR

   1) SDK version: v3.0.12.42

   2) Tested NVR list : NVR3 V. Enterprise(PC-NVR)

1. Confirm if BioStar2 Server machine is installed on x64 machine.

2. Confirm if Video Server of BioStar Setting is running

3. Confirm if a license of BioStar2 AC standard is activated.

- The below figure is for BioStar2 v2.5.   You will need to have Video license additionally if you are using BioStar v2.6.

4.Confirm if you add a device and configure a door. Video configuration will operate in accordance with a log event of a configured door of a device.

5.Click on [Video] menu.

6. Click [Add New NVR] > Enter information of NVR

7. To add a camera of NVR, click [Add New Camera] or right click on the NVR list.

8. Click one of the added camera and confirm the camera and configure certain log event to take a video or picture.

  • Log type: Choose one of log types. It supports Video type and Image type.
  • Door: Choose one of doors to take a video/image from NVR.
  • Event: Choose certain logs from all log list. Biostar2 will keep the recorded video/image for the certain logs

9. Make the certain log event to check the settings with NVR.

10. Biostar2 will indicate the video/image after 3 mins.

11. Go to [Monitoring] menu and click [Event log].

12. Confirm the log event and see [view] list. To confirm the recorded data from NVR, click  [ ▷ ] or  an image icon to the view list.

13. BioStar2 supports large size of video file/image file.