The latest 2nd generation device firmware listed below supports SEOS cards and Elite Key. L2 does not support SEOS or Elite Key because it doesn't have a iClass model.

If you purchased a new device with the following firmware or above, it will have SEOS configured on production.
However if you have purchased a device with firmware that are lower, you will have to configure the SEOS configuration. 

SEOS configuration cards are provided by HID. 

Compatible Versions

BioStation 2: 1.5 and above (requires SEOS card configuration) 

A2: 1.4 and above (SEOS pre-configured with serial numbers ID 939504222~)

W2:  1.2.0 and above (SEOS pre-configured with serial numbers ID 544111249~)

Caution: For W2 you can use PoE only the devices with higher serial numbers below. 

BEW2-OAP(V02D) : 544120098 ~, Oct 2018~
BEW2-ODP(V02F) : 544176465 ~, Jan 2019~
BEW2-OHP(V02F) : 544211978 ~, Apr 2019~

Otherwise, you must use V12 power and not PoE for now because of a known issue (Limitation on W2 smart card (AoC & Secure Credential )use with PoE

FaceStation 2: 1.1 and above (1.1 Firmware was introduced with BioStar 2.6)

P2: 1.0 and above 

N2: 1.0 and above

SEOS in BioStar 2.5

Although the firmware supports iClass SEOS, in order to use SEOS, you have to use a customized version of BioStar 2.4.1 because SEOS is not supported in the official release of BioStar 2 yet (current version is BioStar 2.5). It will be included in the official version of BioStar 2.6. 

Note: customized BioStar 2 versions cannot be upgraded to future official versions.

SEOS with Elite Key
The Elite Key is stored in the SAM so it will remain even if you factory reset the device or do a firmware upgrade. 

If you want it to read other HID card PACS Data again you will have to restore it with a Standard Key Card. 

Mifare and Desfire cards (CSN and smart card information) can always be used regardless of the Elite Key. 

Elite Key Configuration

[BioStar 2] iClass Elite Key Configure Card Support

SEOS Card Smart Card Support

Please make sure with your HID card re-seller about compatibility before you order. 

We confirmed from HID that all HID Seos 8K card produced from January 202 started to support biometric template data storage as default.   

Not HID Seos 16K card still does not support it yet. 

Old SEOS cards supporting biometric data are named with "-ES".

 (e.g. Seos 8K + Prox = Part Number 5106RGGMNM-ES)

Reading SEOS PAC Data

Your device does not need the SEOS configuration with the configuration card to read PAC Data. However if you're trying to read/write a smart card, you will need the SEOS configuration.