What is a Blacklist?

A list of cards that are denied for authentication on the BioStar device. When a card is lost or stolen, misuse can be prevented by registering the ID of the card in the blacklist.

If you're trying to delete a CSN card refer to the following article 

Why would you want to delete a blacklisted Access on Card?

If you have a Access on Card in BioStar 2, you can only delete the card after blocking it. 

However in a rare case if you wanted to delete all the users from the database with Access on Cards and still wanted to use the Access on Card, you would have to delete the cards from the black list for the user to not be rejected. 

In a future version of BioStar 2 you will be able to delete such Blacklisted cards within the UI, but for now, you can use the temporary solution below to delete the Blacklisted card. 

Note: This solution only applies for Access on Cards. You can't use this method for Secure Credential or Wiegand cards. 

How to delete a blacklisted Access on Card from the database (BioStar 2.3 ~) 

1. You can check if your card is blacklisted by going to the Setting > Card > Blacklist Card menu

* Take note of the issue count (ISSDCNT) and user id (USRUID) as shown below

2. Access your BioStar 2 database 

* refer to the following article if you do not know how to access your Maria Database 

3.  Run the query below

select CRDUID 
from T_USR, t_blkl 
where t_usr.usruid = T_BLKL.usruid 
and T_USR.DELUSRID='5555'
and t_blkl.ISSDCNT='6';

* enter your User ID in u.USRID = '5555'

* enter your issue count in = 6

Result should show a crduid

4. Run the following query to delete the card from the blacklist. 

WHERE CRDUID= '90' ) ;

* Enter your CRDUID in CRDUID = '90'

If you get in log ERROR 1175 SQL SAFE MODE ON, 

please use SQL Line before running the query :


5. Check that the blacklisted card has been removed from the blacklist. 

If you do not want to do this manual method for each user, you can customize the firmware of your device or BioStar 2 with a fee. In that case please enter a ticket through your distributor (local Suprema Partner).