Disabling a device is a security feature you may want to use in order to lock down your doors.

When a device is disabled, you will have to unlock the device in BioStar 2 to have it functional again. 

Configuring Device Input

1. Click on your device in the DEVICE menu.

2. Go to the Advanced < Trigger & Action menu.

3. Click + Add.

4. Select Input.

5. For Port select the port you want to use.

6. Select your switch as your button is configured (normally open / normally closed). 

7. Select your Duration as required (how long the signal will have to be on for the function to activate). 

8. Select your time Schedule for this feature to work.

9. On Action select Disable Device.

10. Click Apply

11. Click Apply on the bottom of the page. 

Now once the input is detected the device will be disabled 

If your device is a W2, it will flash red and purple and it will not accept any card or fingerprint read. 

Unlocking the Device

Once your device is on locked mode you cannot unlock your device with a power cycle or the network reset button. 

You will have to unlock the device in BioStar 2. 

1. Go to the DEVICE menu and select your device.

2. Click Unlock

3. Click Yes when the popup appears.