You may have noticed that there are USB user and log export feature for devices that have USB slots such as BioStation 2, FaceStation 2, BioStation A2 and FaceStation F2. 

The manual has the information below: 

However note the following 

User: you can export and import users for the same model device. 

Log: you can export logs, but you can only use this feature with the SDK option below. You cannot import the logs to another device via USB. 

SDK Option 

Refer to the article below:

5.USB log and User export support following features. It is used as T&A using Export/Import user & log data via USB at site where network connection is unavailable. (Usage Scenario) Users are registered at the head office where BioStar server is installed and USB memory which includes registered users is sent to the site, and T&A result is generated with log of the previous month at the beginning of every month. Practically it should be supported as a file type so that it can be handled via USB copy even when this USB data is re-forwarded.

This function should work for Biostation 2. If you need this feature with other devices, please inquire us. 

Future Release 

USB log import feature is expected to be added to BioStar 2.6.1 (2018 2H)

You will able to import logs to BioStar 2 after extracting the logs from your device.