When BioStar Server can't connect to MSSQL database server, BioStar Server will not start because of DB connection issue.

Cause of the problem is that a port of MS SQL database server is disabled or the database server name doesn’t correct.

Please see the server name and the port on Biostar server config. The port is MSSQL DB server port and biostar server refers it automatically.


1)Confirm the port on BioStar Server Conifig

To check the issue, run MS SQL Management studio and check if the name and port is valid.

You can add comma and port number at the end of the SQL server name.

2) Run MS SQL Management studio

3) Enter Server name with port number

If the port is not valid, there will be an error like this.

4) Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 10061 – No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

5) You will be accessible to connect MS SQL without entering a port.

You will be accessible to connect MSSQL management studio without the port. It’s because MS SQL management studio always has detailed information internally to connect SQL server.



To enable the port, click windows start and go to SQL server configuration manages.

1)Go to Microsoft SQL Server 2012

>Configuration tools

>SQL Server Configuration Managers

2) Run SQL Server Configuration Managers

3) Go to SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for BSServer

4) Double Click [TCP/IP] and enable the TCP/IP

5) Enter TCP port propely

6) Click [OK]

7) Restart SQL Server(BSSever)

8) Confirm SQL Management and BioStar Server