Can the user's face be covered while enrolling the face? 

No, both FaceStation 1 and 2, do not have objects obstructing the face (except glasses).

Below is the information found on the help menu of BioStar 2: 

Is FaceStation 2 supported in BioStar 1? 

Unfortunately, no. It is not supported and there are no plans to implement it in BioStar 1.  

Is FaceStation 1 compatible with BioStar 2? 

No, it cannot be used in BioStar 2. 

Are FaceStation 1 templates compatible with BioStar 2?

No, it cannot be used in BioStar 2 because the template size and algorithm are different. 

What is the maximum number of users that can be stored in FaceStation 2? 

Refer to the article below:

[BioStar 2] FaceStation 2 Maximum User Capacity

You can also use group matching to increase the maximum of 1:N users to 5000 (but you have to press your group before matching).

Refer to the article below: 

How to Configure Group Matching

How does the face matching algorithm work? What is special about FaceStation 2?

Refer to the articles below:

FaceStation 2 | Your face is the key

Security Threats to Face Recognition and FaceStation 2 Technology

Does FaceStation 2 support server matching? 

Face Server Matching with BioStar 2 is supported depending on the FW version:

- It is supported on firmware v1.4 or higher version [Device Firmware Release] FaceStation 2 v1.4 Release 

- It is NOT supported on firmware v1.3.1 or older 

NOTE: FaceStation 1 DOES NOT support server matching  

Where can I find the marketing materials (video, brochure, etc.)?

You can find it at our homepage download center

Can I connect to FaceStation 2 as a slave device to CoreStation? 

Yes, you can connect FaceStation 2 to CoreStation through RS485.

[CoreStation] How to use Face Recognition Terminal (FaceStation 2, FaceLite) with CoreStation

- BioStar 2:  From Biostar v2.8.3, you can use the feature. BioStar v2.8.3 will be released by July 2020. 

- CoreStation: From CoreStation v1.4, the CoreStation supports Face Matching Feature with FaceStation 2 and FaceLite, connected to RS485 (OSDP).

What WiFi Security does the FaceStation 2 WiFi feature support?

Below items are supported with the WiFi module

- WEP 64-bit and 128-bit encryption with H/W TKIP processing
- WPA/WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access)
- AES-CCMP hardware implementation as part of 802.11i security standard

How many slave devices can I connect to FaceStation 2? 

If you're connecting a FaceStation 2 as a slave to a FaceStation 2 master, you can only add one. 

For fingerprint devices, you can add up to 7 devices. 

For other non-fingerprint devices, you can add 31 slave devices. 

Refer to the attached installer guide manual, page 17

On my FaceStation 2 I have 5,000 users on the device but only 4,000 users have face templates (1 per user). Can I still use 1:n mode?

Yes it´s still below the 4000 face user threshold so you can use 1:N mode. 

On my FaceStation 2 I have 4,000 users with 1 face template each and I am using 1:N mode. What will happen if I add one more user with a face template?

The user will not be added through BioStar 2. If you try to force adding a user on the device such as USB import, authentication will not work for all users so please be cautious.   You should disable Face Only Mode and use 1:1 Face Matching to add more than 4,000 users.

From FaceStation 2 v1.4 or higher version, the maximum user capacity of 1:N Face Matching is 4,000 users.