I’ve got unknown error when I transferred user from BioStar Client to a device.

I can't transfer user to a device.

How can we resolve the issue?

Relevant device


BioStation A2

BioStation L2 

BioEntry W2

Second generation device

Relevant error message

Transfer Result: Unknown Error

Relevant version of BioStar





For user transfer of V2 devices, BioStar stores card information as CSN and Wiegand type.

The problem could be occurred if the card number of Wiegand type is same from the card number of other user information. 


1. Go to Device

2. Click Wiegand Tab>Change Format> Custom format

3. Set Wiegand format of V2 device as follows

- Enter [64] to Total Bits and click [Apply]

- Click [I] of User ID and click blank part up to 32.

Total Bits: 64 

ID Bits: 32

4. Transfer user information to the device again