A new log backup feature has been introduced in BioStar 1.93. 

This does not mean the database is being backed up automatically.
For that procedure please follow the following instructions: [Both BioStar] MS SQL Database Backup and Restore Instructions

This means that your TB_EVENT_LOG logs are automatically migrated to the TB_EVENT_LOG_BK table every day. 

This does not mean your logs are not searchable in the event log menu of BioStar 1. 

It only affects the performance of BioStar 1 in a positive way since the BioStar client doesn't have to go through one large table to load the event logs.

Note that once you have a lot of logs piled up in your server TB_EVENT_LOG table (100 million logs), devices will disconnect from the server and BioStar server will show performance issues because of the heavy load on the server.
Hence this feature was introduced to avoid this performance issue. 

By default in Biostar 1.93, the automatic TB_EVENT_LOG backup to TB_EVENT_LOG_BK is turned on and operates at 00:00 every day. 

It moves all the logs except the latest day to TB_EVENT_LOG_BK. 

Note: If the server is off during the configured time, the log will not migrate.


The configuration can be made in BioStar.ini file at C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server  

The default value is 


If you change the AutoTrans to 0, it will turn off the feature.
Note: On the bottom of this page a sample BioStar.ini file with AutoTrans 0 configured is attached if you want to turn this feature off

To change the back up time you can configure the StartTime. It is based on seconds, so if you want the backup to be made every 13:00, configure it to 46800.

If you want to to run at 23:00, set it to 82800. 

* try this convenient website if you don't want to use a calculator. 


If you want to check if the server has the configuration applied properly you can check the server logs with the steps below: 

1. create a LOG.PLEASE file in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server

2. Change your StartTime value in BioStar.ini and save the file. 

3. Stop and restart BioStar service in BioStar Server Config.

4. In your C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\server\Log folder check the .log file with today's date. 

5. Check the DB AutoMove. Run every xx:xx:xx log. 

** Note: Delete the LOG.PLEASE file and restart the BioStar service when you are done with troubleshooting because it will affect server performance.