BioStar Standard Edition supports USB dongle type license and a software license.

If you have to run the BioStar SE in the system that USB dongle is not able to be supported, we support SW License(SL). We make it rule to provide only those who bought the BioStar SE. SL will be provided in sales department’s judgment. 

[BioStar 1] Server License Specification

Term Definition

CrypKey License : It's a service to generate a software license of BioStar.

Site Code : It's Site Code to request a software key from Suprema. 

SW License (Site Key) :  It's a software license key to activate BioStar Standard Edition instead of USB dongle lock. It will be generated by Suprema.

How to activate SW license

1. Install BioStar Server on a PC and restart PC

2. Confirm if Crypkey License service is running

* If the service is not running, run the CryKey License as administrator. CryKey License Service is important to keep the site code. Please keep the running status of Crypkey License. 

If the CrypKey License is restarted, the site code will be changed. You should request new software license if you do not activate the license yet.

3. Run BioStar server Config as administrator and right click on top of BioStar Server Config.

* It doesn't matter if BioStar Server is starting or stopped.

[Caution]  If you have an error message, please refer the following link.

[BioStar 1] Resolving Errors Related to BioStar Software License

4. Drag character string  of Site Code below and send it to Suprema sales representative


78E2 1151 351F 77C3 39 

5. Enter the site key if you receive the site key from Suprema sales representative

6. Confirm if there is [Success Validate Site Key] message

* If there is not any popup message, the site key is not correct for site code. 

* Please contact Suprema Sales representative or Suprema Local Distributor first. 

7. Stop BioStar Server and start again.  

* The license will be detected by BioStar Server

8. Run BioStar Client and see if the advanced feature is activated

8-1. Help > About BioStar > BioStar Standard Edition

8-2. Menu list