What does the cloud feature do? 

This feature is basically a secure tunnel that allows the users to access BioStar 2 server from an external network. 

It also acts as a gateway to allow the access of BioStar 2 mobile and the API from an external network. 

Where is my data stored? 

Many clients think of a SaaS (Software as a Service) when the term cloud is used such as gmail or dropbox, where data is hosted by a cloud server but that is not the case for BioStar 2's cloud. It is simply a tunnel to allow secure external access. No BioStar 2 server data is hosted in our cloud server.

Your data is stored in your local server and the cloud feature merely allows you to access your local server from an external network. 

How secure is the data that is transferred through the cloud? 

Data is secured through HTTPS which is HTTP protocol encrypted with TLS (Transport Layer Security). 

For further information about BioStar 2 security refer to the article below: 

[BioStar 2] Personal Information and Communication Security / Encryption / TLS

How do I configure this feature? 

Refer to our knowledgebase articles for Biostar 2 configuration 

How to configure Cloud and Mobile App