1. Is there a BioStar 1 service?

Follow the procedure below: 

[BioStar 1] BioStar 1 Service Missing

2. Is the BioStar 1 service running? 

Check BioStar Server Config and check that the service is running. 

You must run with administrative privileges

If you have changed the default values of the Thread Count and Server Matching, try changing the values to the default again and see if it helps with your issue. Increasing the value may cause crashes. 

3. Is the database connection information correct? Is the Database Server Service Running? 

If the service cannot start, check that the DB connection information is correct. 

Refer to the articles below based on your DB: 

MS SQL: [BioStar 1] Troubleshooting BioStar Server Issue (DB Connection)

Oracle: [BioStar 1] Troubleshooting Oracle Connection Issue of Biostar 1 Server

MySQL: [BioStar 1] Troubleshooting BioStar1 MySQL DB Connection Issue

4. Have you recently upgraded BioStar 1? 

Check that you followed the correct procedure as shown below and have run DBSetup.exe

[BioStar 1] How to Upgrade BioStar 1 Server

5. Are you using a DB Link software that you have created? 

Is there a trigger in the database? Triggers are not supported. 

Refer to the article below to check for triggers and to learn how to create a proper DB link program that does not use triggers. 

[BioStar 1] Database Table and DB Link Instructions

6. Does your database have more than 100 million logs? 

You may be having this issue if you're using a old version of BioStar 1. Refer to the article below: 

[BioStar 1] Device Disconnection When Event Log Table Has More Than 10 Million Logs

7. Is the issue related to a bug that has been fixed in the recent version of BioStar 1? 

Revision note is included in the BioStar 1 CD. You can also refer to the attachment.  

If it is a bug that has been fixed in the latest BioStar 1 version, you can upgrade the server to resolve the issue. 

[BioStar 1] How to Upgrade BioStar 1 Server

8. Have you checked if your issue is a known issue that has been fixed and announced through our Helpdesk portal?
Search our Solutions and Forums regarding known issues and hotfixes


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