If you are considering to create a database link program with BioStar database with your third party software, please do not take logs from the T&A database. 

The T&A database syncs the logs from the AC database, so it is best to use the logs in the AC database for a database link.  

Refer to the article below: 

[BioStar 2] BioStar 2 Database Table

However if you would still like to compare the logs shown in BioStar 2 with the logs in the T&A database for troubleshooting purposes, you can compare as below. 

The important thing you should notice is that the devdt (log time) is based on UTC +0 in the database. 

When the log shows in BioStar 2 client, it is applying the UTC preference time you have configured on the client. 

Refer to the image below from the punchlog table. 


A closer look: 


Log in the punchlog table shows as 4:23 but in BioStar 2 event log it appears as 13:23.
This is because I have applied the web client time zone as UTC +9 and device time zone as +9. 



Punchlog Table Reference

These are the user punch logs that is synced from the AC table. 

id: index number, autoIncrement

devdt: device_date_time

devid: device_id

devnm: device_name

user_name: user name

bsevtc: biostar_event_code

bsevtid: biostar_event_id

bsevtdt: biostar_date_time

user_id: user id

bsevtm: biostar_event_month

bsevtli: biostar_event_log_index

tk: tna_key

tki: tna_key_index