There is no Windows Active Directory integration with BioStar 1 or up to BioStar2 v2.7.4. 

From BioStar v2.7.5, Active Directory Synchronization is supported.

Refer the below link. 

If you need an integration except for the feature of BioStar v2.7.5 you would have to go through customization of the software. 

Alternative Solution

Customization of the BioStar 2 software is usually booked fully for 2 months and a customization usually takes more than 10+ work days. 

If you're looking for a way to simply export users from Active Directory and import it to BioStar 2, you do not need to integrate BioStar with Active Directory, you would simply have to export the users from Active Directory as a CSV file and import it. 

You can find solutions online to export users out of Active Directory into a csv file. 

Below is a sample solution found on Microsoft Technet: 

Powershell Script to export Active Directory users to CSV (external link)

Warning: this solution has not been tested and we cannot provide any guarantee or support for this script

You can import users into BioStar 2 following the steps shown in Knowledgebase below: 

How to export and import users

Customization Request 

If you would like a customization, please fill in the form below. It is mandatory for our customization process.

Project name:

Requested Delivery Date (when you need to receive the firmware): 

Project requirements (as much detail as possible): 

what items would be synced between the two databases?

For instance, would it be the name, privilege, phone number, email address, and ID (only if all user IDs are in numbers)

What are the expectations of the clients? Be as specific as possible. 

Project size (i.e BioStation2 x 100):

Firmware and software to be customized (BS2-OMPW 1.3 and BioStar 2.5 / or latest firmware):

We will be able to inquire our engineers for the estimated work days for this customization after we understand the specific project requirement.

If you're curious about the customization cost per day, please consult with our regional sales representative. 

Our customization project process is as follows:

- number of work days is calculated by our engineer after the full requirements are understood
- the customization schedule is usually fully booked for a month. 

Full Process
Clarification of requirement by client > Calculation of work day by Suprema engineer > Confirmation of project by client > Drafting of proposal document by Suprema > Proposal document signed, fee transferred by client > Customization begins based on agreed schedule and delivered on agreed date if no complications arise.