If you uninstall BioStar 2 and reinstall it after you have used the cloud setting in BioStar 2, you will not be able to use the same subdomain name.
However, you are able to reuse it if you back up the setting.conf file and overwrite the file in your new installation.


1. Open File Explorer in Windows.
2. Go to the BioStar2 Installation folder as shown below and find the file: setting.conf 
C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar 2   (32bit)

C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)     (64bit) 

3. Right click on the file and click Open.
4. Select Select a program form a list of installed programs and click OK.
5. Choose Notepad (or any other text related software) and click OK.
6. Copy the cloud related information shown below and save it in another notepad file to be safe.

7. Uninstall BioStar 2.
8. Reinstall BioStar 2.
9. Open the new setting.conf file at the same location as before.
10. Paste the copied information within the cloud {} and save.
11. Go to BioStar 2 > Setting > Cloud. You should be able to use the same sub-domain name you used before.

Further Support

If you have already deleted BioStar2 without backing up the setting.conf file, please enter a ticket if you're a authorized partner mentioning your subdomain name. 

Note: If you are a end-user or a dealer, please contact your local Suprema distributor for support.