To use zone feature, you should activate BioStar2 AC license first. And then, you can use Biostar 2 zone.

The concept of Biostar2 fire alarm zone is similar with BioStar version1 like below.

Electrical specification

If the electrical output of Fire Alarm Control panel is too high, the input port of Suprema device will be broken.

o Switch Input
o VIH (V) - Min. 3V ~ Max.5V
o VIL (V) - Max. 1V
o Pull-up resistance (Ω) - 4.7k
- The input ports are pulled up with 4.7k resistors

The difference is the number of devices per one single zone. And, other difference is zone mode.

How to configure Fire Alarm Zone

BioStar 2 AC Standard License or higher license
Max. Zones : 100
Max. Device per Zone: 1,000 Global, 32 Local
Mode : Local Zone or Global Zone

Local Zone: Consists of RS-485 connected master and slave devices with the master device as 'Zone Master'.
Global Zone: Consists of TCP/IP and RS485 connected devices with the BioStar 2 Server as 'Zone Master'.

Global Zone : TCP/IP and RS485 based, BioStar Server is zone master
 Local Zone : RS485 based, RS485 master device is zone master
* zone master : makes logical decisions and controls functionality  

For the configuration, please find the attached file.

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