This only applies to BioStation 1. 

You can export the device logs from the device and then import it with BioStar by plugging in the USB in the BioStar Client PC. 

Note that not all USB memory sticks may work with BioStation as shown in the manual: 


Follow the steps below to import the logs via USB. 

1. Plug USB to BioStation.

2. Press ESC to enter the menu.

3. Go to the Network menu.

4. Enter the USB menu. 

5. Set USB Port to Enable

6. Go to Network > USB Memory

7.  After loading finishes press Initialize

8. Choose Export Virtual Terminal and wait for a success message. 

9. Unplug USB 

10. Plug USB to PC 

11. Open BioStar Client 

12. Enter Device Menu

13. Click Add Device.

14. Select Virtual USB Device

15. The USB information will be found, click Next

14. Check your device and click Add

15. Click Finish.

* If you already added the device via network you cannot add the device with virtual device. You have to delete the device from the device tree first. 

16. Enter the Monitoring Menu 

17. Click Upload Log  
18. Select what log range you want to upload (All, recent, date duration)

19. Select Device Type as Reader

20. Select your virtual device. 

21. Click OK