If you are upgrading from BioStar 2.5 to 2.6.x, a license check is made in the upgrade process to ensure that you have the right license. 

If you already have BioStar AC license applied, you should be able to upgrade with the new AC Advanced license applied by default as shown in the following article: License Changes Upgrading from BioStar 2.5 to BioStar 2.6

You can check if your used features are exceeding your current license by checking your BioStar2 dashboard.

If BioStar 2 AC license has been applied and your used features doesn't exceed the Advanced license specification, you should not be seeing the License Check screen below:

However, if you do see the screen, it means that the license check is not being run properly because of a Java version issue. 

BioStar 2.5 installs Java 8 Update 131 (1.8.0_131) in its install, and if you ran a Java update after that or deleted Java, this issue will happen. 

Sometimes, running Java version is different from your installed version list.

Check running Java version on Command Prompt with 'java -version' command.


Scripted Solution

Case 1: Java 1.8.0_131 (installed with BioStar 2) has been deleted 

- Install java 161 and change the java path with the attached script 

Download link:


You can also search this by searching 'java archive downloads' on google

Case 2: Java has been upgraded and cannot be accessed by the software. 

- Change the java path with the attached script

- If it still does not work, delete all the old versions of Java and install the version 1.8.0_161. Then apply the java path with the attached script.

Manual Solution

If you have a Java version installed and want to manually change the Java path in Windows go to
Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables > Edit JAVA_HOME to your current java version path.