The line of 1st generation entry level devices are as follows: Xpass, Xpass 2, BioEntry Plus, Bioentry W, BioLiteNet

These devices (with the latest hardware version) are supported in both BioStar 1 and BioStar 2, but not with the same firmware.

1.x firmware is supported in BioStar 1 and 2.x firmware supports BioStar 2. 

Hence if you have a 2.x firmware device the device will not be searched in BioStar 1 and if you have a 1.x firmware the device will not be searched in BioStar 2. 

The special entry upgrade tool to downgrade and upgrade the firmware to 1x <> 2.x is provided to our local partners.
If you are a end user, contact your distributor for the firmware upgrade. 

We do not provide the tool to end users because a misuse of the tool can lead to device malfunction.
When the device malfunctions there is no easy repair option and will require a RMA processing to fix the device. 

Note: for BioLiteNet, BioEntry W and BioEntry Plus, only devices with OC-4 sensors can be upgraded.
This includes devices where you only replaced the OC-2 sensors with OC-4 sensor.


Before you upgrade your 1.x entry device to a 2.x firmware to migrate a site from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2 please be wary that these devices do not support all the features of BioStar 2. 

Make sure your required feature is supported with the device in BioStar 2. 

Refer to the announcement article below:
[Announcement] Notification About Feature Limitations with 1st Generation Entry Level Devices in BioStar 2
Not all BioStar 1 features are available in BioStar 2 and vice versa.