Why 2 Cards are Stored
When a card is stored in a 2nd generation device, it has to be decided if the card will be a CSN or Wiegand card
but in BioStar 1.x the card read through a 1st generation device can be read with CSN or Wiegand and it does not keep a record of which type it is. 

Hence when a card is sent to a 2nd generation device both CSN and Wiegand card are sent to the device even if you only have a CSN card. 

The Wiegand card is sent to the device in the 2nd generation device's Wiegand format.

Possible Issues 
- If there is a Wiegand format configured to the device that is shorter than the CSN, the device may enroll a duplicate card number.
   > in this case user transfer to the device will fail 

- If the card transferred to the device is sent in the wrong order a wrong output may be sent out (Wiegand card and not the CSN card)


If you're only using CSN on site, you can apply the patch to only send down CSN cards to the device. 

That would resolve all issues that arise with the extra Wiegand card saved on the device.

Download the following file: (Filename: FISF-916_BioStarV1.93_Server_BSServer_CSNOnly.zip)


1. Stop the BioStar Server service in BioStar Server Config.

2. Back up C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\Server\BSServer.exe

3. Extract the zip file.

4. Paste the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\Server\

5. Start the BioStar Server service in BioStar Server Config.

6. Log in to BioStar

7. Transfer all the users to the devices again.
* only the CSN card will be transferred to the user now