Dear Valued Partners, 

BioStar 2.6.2 has been released. Please upgrade to the new version of the server if you require the fixes and new features shown below:  

1. New Features and Improvements
* features with links are linked to knowledgebase configuration guides. 

* configuration guide for XPD2-GKDB will be posted after the hardware is officially released

1.1. Support for user and log import and export via USB.
1.2. Support an option for processing PIN input for XPass D2 (XPD2-GKDB) the same as card ID.
1.3. Support for real-time video viewing.
1.4. Improves usability and phraseology.

   1.4.1 'Column Setting' item appearing in Korean in English configuration has been fixed to English in the All NVR menu.

   1.4.2 Item that should appear as 'Column Setting' appearing as 'Default Column' in the All Camera menu has been fixed.

   1.4.3 In NVR and Camera detail page the previous page button has been included.

   1.4.4 Issue where NVR was ordered in name but camera was ordered in ID has been fixed.
   1.4.5. Video recording space settings no longer allows input of character and special characters. 

   1.4.6. Korean characters only showing partially in the UI has been fixed. 

1.5. Improves event log retrieval speed.
1.6. Support for connecting new devices.
- FaceStation 2 (FS2-DS), BioLite N2 (BLN2-PAB), XPass D2 (XPD2-GDB, XPD2-GKDB)

* 1.4.1~1.4.6 is not mentioned in the PDF revision note.

2. Bug Fixes

Refer to the Revision Note [EN]

2.1. Issue where BioStar 2 log continues to be displayed as daylight saving time even after the set period of daylight saving time has ended.
2.2. Issue where the video server does not work if the video license is activated offline.
2.3. Issue where it is not possible to change configurable options when a user with administrator logs in from a mobile device.
2.4. Issue in version 2.4.1 or earlier where database does not migrate and login page does not appear when a version upgrade has been carried out while HTTPS default port is used.
2.5. Issue where server does not retry after failing to connect to database.
2.6. Issue where device is not auto-synced when face template has been deleted.
2.7. Issue where device secure communication status can be changed to ‘Disabled' even when user login ID, password, and PIN have been set.
2.8. Issue where page display error occurs when device details page is accessed with OM-120 and DM-20 disconnected.
2.9. Issue where after a daylight saving time schedule has been set up on BioStar 2 server, a daylight saving schedule cannot be assigned to FaceStation 2 device.
2.10. Issue where model names of XPass D2 and BioLite N2 are not correctly displayed in the firmware upgrade list.
2.11. Issue where daylight saving time cannot be set up for FaceStation 2 device when version 2.6.0 has been installed newly.
2.12. Issue regarding selecting start date for daily schedule or selecting holiday dates where an extra month is added to the resulting screen in the case of months without a 31st day.
2.13. Issue where it is not possible to set system log storage period to 120 days.
2.14. Issue in a version upgraded from version 2.5.0 where USB Agent does not start automatically when user account control is set to default value.
2.15. Issue where incorrect IP address notification pop-up appears when a string is entered in the server address field.
2.16. Issue where video server does not shut down when changing database port.
2.17. Issue where NVR details screen is displayed when scrolling the page with arrow keys at the upper right corner of Device Details.

2.18. Issue where "17677" is displayed in BioStar 2 event log when reset without network.
2.19. Changed data encryption related pop-up text that appears when adding a device.
2.20. Issue where it is possible to configure devices other than those connected to the same RS-485 network when editing pre-configured schedule unlocked zone.
2.21. Issue where error pop-up does not appear when you change user ID type to alphanumeric characters after adding BioLite Net and Xpass S2.
2.22. Issue where despite daylight saving time having been set up, a time not applicable to Monitoring’s floor and zone statuses is displayed.
2.23. Issue regarding changing the status of one or more global zones where changing the status of one zone does not automatically change the status of the other zones.
2.24. Issue where video license input window is activated after an upgrade to version 2.6.2.
2.25. Issue where master device switches to synchronization error status when deleting a door belonging to Access Level.
2.26. Issue where fingerprint image does not appear normally when a smart card has been added after the addition of two or more fingerprints of user.
2.27. Issue where device name does not show in tamper-on alarm pop-up if a tamper has occurred on the device after reset without network.
2.28. Issue where UI does not show normally when displaying an image log with a user name on a larger screen.
2.29. Issue regarding batch-editing doors where incorrect notification pop-up appears when the OK button is clicked without changing the settings.
2.30. Issue where column switches to its default value when entering the card menu again after changing the column settings in the card menu in Settings.
2.31. Issue where NVR appears when filtering by device name in Device Status or Alert History in Monitoring.
2.32. Issue where the “unknown” message does not appear in Schedule Lock/Unlock zone status when the device has been disconnected from the network.
2.33. Issue where Add, Delete, Modify NVR/camera features do not function when user has logged in as a video operator.
2.34. Issue where schedules are not updated in the video menu.
2.35. Issue where session timeout notification occurs when accessing video menu while using Time Attendance menu

2.37. Problem that the change point is not updated even if the setting of the door configured in the camera menu is changed.
2.38. Issue where device search fails when adding a camera after failure to updating NVR configuration information.
2.39. Issue where you cannot proceed to the next step when selecting NVR in video menu after deleting schedules set up for camera.

3. Download Link

4. Upgrade Instructions

[BioStar 2] How to Upgrade BioStar 2 Server