When would I see the Migration page?

If you're upgrading from BioStar 2.5 to 2.6.x you will see the migration page when you first try to access the BioStar 2 web client. 

Once you click Start the progress bar should show the process and finish when it reaches 100%. 

Why was the Migration Page added in BioStar 2.6? 

Starting BioStar 2.6, individual encryption key is used for the server. This migration process encrypts the previously encrypted data with a randomized individual key of the 2.6 server.

When I click Start 'Invalid parameters (30)' Error appears.

This would mean the db conversion process of the upgrade did not go through successfully. 

This happens when the database root password wasn't input correctly in the installation process. 

Unfortunately the install process does not check if the database root password is correct or not (currently up to BioStar 2.6.2).

You can check that your password is correct before upgrading by accessing your database with your root credentials.
For Maria DB refer to the article below to access your database:

[BioStar 2] MariaDB Access and Account Configuration

Checking for the cause of error

If this was the cause, you could check based on the database logs. 

1. Browse to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs

2. Open the db-converter_YYYY-MM-DD.log 

3. If the root password was input wrong the db-converter logs will have error logs as below:

Else if the password was entered correctly, the log should show as below. This would mean the upgrade went through correctly: 

If you have run into this error, you will have to take the steps below to upgrade again: 

1. Delete BioStar 2.6.x 

2. Install BioStar 2.5

3. Restore your previous BioStar 2.5 database
* Refer to [BioStar 2] Database Backup and Restore Instructions (Maria DB)

4. Install BioStar 2.6.x with the correct root password.